Someone brought cheesecake to work today! Whoever brought this cheesecake to work today…you made my day! Thank you 🙂

Today, everyone was kind of exhausted from the photo shooting yesterday. So some of my coworkers were especially quiet and I have seen some tired figures sneaking through the office, my person included. The photo shooting was unexpectedly demanding, so we are all happy to have a calm Tuesday.

The pictures might give you a little impression of the results that are about to be published in the Look Book, but also how much fun we had doing this photo shooting. Thanks again to my coworkers and of course to Karin!

My day started off with wiring the blog entry for the photo shooting yesterday, as we have not been in the office after. Actually, it did not cost me that much effort to write the text as it is easier to write about busy days.

Afterwards I did some Lynda learning until Candice, our graphic designer and now well worked out photographer, showed me some pictures of the shooting from yesterday. We compared the pictures that have been taken with Karin’s favorites. She took part in the photo shooting as a model, too.

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