The cutest Burrito around

This day has been so much fun! I did not have such a cool workday for a long time. This day we had the photo shooting for the look book by Skacel and I got to take part in it as a model. It was just so much fun with among these awesome people doing some great work.

The day started at 7:30 o’clock, carrying all the stuff down to the beach house in Burien, where the photo shooting took place. It felt like starting the day off with a little workout. In general, this day was not about skipping leg day at all… 😀 We carried all the stuff down to the beach and tried to start taking the pictures as soon as possible, because we knew that there would be a lot of sun in the afternoon, which would not make it easier for us to take the pictures as well as modeling in the warm sweaters in the afternoon heat.

I expected this day to be physically demanding, but after a short lunch break I already felt like taking a long nap to load up some energy. It has been pretty exhausting for us, the models, to run in and out of the building down to beach with all the changing. But for Candice, our graphic designer and our photographer for this day, it has been even more exhausting. She did some serious squats out there, trying to get the perfect angle. Candice did such a great job, she was able to manage around our goofiness for taking good pictures, even if none of us models is a professional. Now I know, Candice is a professional!

Hank, who has been with us down at the beach house has been very exhausted at the end of the day, too. That is why we took a little break to cuddle and to regenerate some of our resources…

Dear Candice, if you read this, from a photographer to another photographer: You did an awesome job out there! Thank you for your leg-workout and all the squads you did to catch us in the perfect lightning!

First it was a little bit weird to stand in front of a camera and being expected to do some posing. That is why most of us have been even more goofy early in the morning to conceal our insecurity of standing in front of a camera. For me, it has not been the first time doing a photo shooting, but I has been the first time modeling professionally for a company to advertise a product. Because, what you may or may not have recognized flicking around the Skacel look book, the models are never professionals. They are always employees or friends of the company. That is what makes it so fun to take the pictures and makes it a little bit harder for the photographer to handle the models through their (insecure) goofiness for achieving good pictures at the end.


As time goes by, one gets more comfortable in front of the camera so our “posing” got a little more serious as well. But still, I had such a lot of fun doing this. It was an awesome experience and I am already excited thinking about taking the Look Book back with me to Germany, having all this cool pictures with my friends and some lasting memories of this internship at Skacel.

If you wonder what the title is about:  We took a picture with a very big shawl and I have been wrapped into it as a little burrito. That’s when Katie came up with the quote “The cutest burrito around”. You will probably find that picture in the look book, so stay curious!

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