Day 10, like a tent, but without a T at the end

Well, I guess my jokes are getting worse…

It is Friday everyone!

Today began pretty smooth with some browsing on social media to spot the newest trends and everything else that is happening out there in this big and beautiful knitting-world. Afterwards, I began to write the newsletter. Therefor, I used an existing template on WordPress that had already been prepared by Katie. In this newsletter, we inform you about the newest and trendiest patterns spotted on Ravelry. Each month we search for new and interesting patterns, which can be knitted with our yarn. And we always connect the newsletter with a lot of links, so that you are able to find these awesome pattern, that we picked for you.

The day continued with some online learning. I started to watch a online course that talks about writing a press release. I think this could be good for my general writing skills, as well as general knowledge in the PR. Especially because there are always tasks in the marketing that are part of the PR. So now, if you are curious about some information on how to write a (good) press release, just ask me 😉

img_0235.jpgAnd BIG NEWS: I got my own stapler today! Before, I always had to ask Rob to borrow his stapler, but now I proudly can announce, that this beauty is all mine. Well, it belongs to the company but it is on my desk now 😀

If you are curious to try an internship at Skacel, you will not only get a well equipped desk, but great coworkers and cool tasks!

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