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IMG_0217We are about to organize a photo shooting on Monday, which is supposed to provide us with pictures for the new Look Book by Skacel. However, work does not get too serious around here, as Katie and I had a lot of fun preparing some of the clothing for the photo shooting.

Afterwards I wrote some description texts about the patterns, that will be part of the Look Book to do some preparatory work. It was kind of interesting writing texts for all these different patterns, even though it has been a real challenge for my creativity to come up with new ideas for each pattern. The more professional and the more fancy the patterns become, the harder it got to find an adequate description that fits the professional terms. But, I think I handled it quite well, after I have already had some experience translating the knitting instruction and describing all these buttons for the catalog.

I am very excited for the photo shooting. Katie asked me if I wanted to take part of it as a model, so this might be a lot of fun! I will keep you updated, when the Look Book is published and you are able to see the photos as well as the finished book.

IMG_0213After this, I helped our graphic-designer, Candice, out and we took some product photos of different yarns. But before taking a picture of a yarn ball, one has to stuff in all these little jutting threads back into the ball of wool. Everything has to be even and appealing. The most appealing aspect might have been the “group picture”, where all of the involved yarns are photographed together. Here, one has to create a kind of symphony of colors to build a harmonic picture with all the different colors, that have been photographed one by one before.

Photography, by the way, is one of my biggest hobbies. I love running around with my camera, catching special moments. Therefor, I prefer taking pictures of architecture, landscapes or flowers. But I have also taken product photos before. I may have not mentioned this yet, but I have worked for the company called Selter, back there in Germany. This company produces the famous addi needles that you might hold in your hands right now! Taking photos of the needles has been a challenge of its own…It has always been difficult to take a good picture of the shiny needle and trying to reduce the radiant on the picture to a minimum. Otherwise the picture would have been too bright and one would not be able to see the needle clearly. Taking a good picture of a product is more work than you probably expect it to be.

But this is it, day 8 is finished as well. I will keep you updated 😉

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