It is Friday again!

…And I miss the cheesecake in the kitchen 🙁 I think I am gonna bake some on my own and bring it to work, so everybody’s day gets sweetened up.

Today, believe it or not, the button project continued about putting the buttons up on the rings. Sadly there has not been enough rings, so I have to split the task for the next days. I am not sure if it is based in my German roots, but I prefer finishing a task on one day, kind of efficient.

Afterwards I worked on the monthly newsletter for all the truthful knitters out there. Therefor, we look up for interesting patterns on Revelry, put them in a bundle and add them to the monthly newsletter. That way, all of you are always up to date with the newest patterns and trend!

Please do not get confused that there is not blog post for day 14. Day 14 was my day off, as I have been to a Macklemore concert on Wednesday evening and to a Seahawks football game on Thursday evening. I had a day off on Thursday to regenerate after and for all these awesome and exciting experiences!

The football game yesterday night was very cool. It has been my first football game ever and watching the Seahawks as one of the most famous football teams in the US has been great! I have been very impressed by the size of the stadium, like…WOW! I have never been in a stadium that big. I was very impressed even before the game had started. I will not say I have not been familiar with football in general, what made it a little easier to get into the rules and the strategies. As it got darker and the sun began to set, the view from or rather of stadium got even more impressive. I really enjoyed this experience.

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