Please Remind Me that this is a Tuesday!

Once there has been a long weekend, also known as Labor Day weekend…

I really enjoyed having a long weekend including Labor Day and that is in fact why my 16th day is on a Tuesday instead of a Monday. I have been scared for a short moment because I thought I would have forgotten to write a blog post for Monday, but then my calendar reminded me about Labor Day…

The day basically was structured by a lot of Lynda learning, writing on this blog and then even more Lynda learning. It was not the busiest day so I tried to get some knowledge about creating an infographic with the usual programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I still might not know the techniques behind using these programs for creating an infographic, but at least I know now the theoretical part behind it: How it has to be structured to provide a good understanding and why infographics are helpful in general.


My highlight this weekend has definitely been Sunday, when Karin, her husband and I went to Alki beach for dinner. We had fish and chips which were really good! But the stop we made at one of the observation deck has been even better! I already told you that I love photography, so I got very excited standing on the deck while taking lots of pictures, not only at the deck but also at Alki beach itselfโ€ฆ


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