Lets call it a progress

Finishing the design of the fonts yesterday, this day was all about preparing everything and cutting the tags. At this point, I had to stop this task for the day as I needed to prepare some things for the blog, like taking pictures, organizing everything so the drafts are ready to be published and much more. That took me a while. That does not make the day very spectacular in a way it would be stunning to tell you about.

It has been way more interesting that I baked my very first pretzels this evening! Katie’s birthday is on Wednesday and she is not really into sweet things, so I decided to make her some pretzels instead of baking her a cake. It might be funny that the German intern bakes some pretzels for bringing them to work. As I am kind of occupied on Wednesday evening, there has been no other solution then baking them today and hoping they stay fresh and do not get dry over the next day(s).

They may not be a piece of art but they are definitely made with love.

Dear Katie,

I hope you like your little birthday surprise, brought to you by the one and only German intern 😉

I am very curious how they are gonna taste. Yes, I know that I should try them before I give them to other people but there are only 6 of them and I don’t want to cut something off 🙁 We might all be surprised by the taste, maybe in a good way, maybe in a bad way. But they smell great! I am very optimistic that if they smell as good as they do right now, they are gonna taste great!

Katie here! I just wanted to let everyone know the pretzels turned out GREAT! Lara is now in high-demand to make these for all her friends and family once she returns home. What a nice surprise treat for my birthday – thank you, Lara!

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