Handicraft lesson

Today, after I was able to finish “designing” and correcting the fonts to the right size, was all about finishing the cropping and starting to laminate the tags. What should I say? Not the most exciting thing, so sadly there is not a lot that I can tell you.

I’ll definitely need to continue cutting the laminated tags. It is important to finish these as fast as possible because they are supposed to be presented in San Francisco on the Vogue Knitting Live Show. My desks looks like a mess right now 😮


Wow, the show is already so close. Can’t believe time is passing that fast 🙁 Thinking that the days in San Francisco will be my last weekend in the US is kind of tough. I will miss all my coworkers but I will always appreciate this awesome experience.

I have seen so many great things but the most impressive picture in my mind will always be the Seattle Skyline. I would consider myself as a small-town girl, especially if I have to tell people that Frankfurt is the biggest city close to my hometown. In fact, it’s about an two hour drive for me to get there, so its not even that close, but its the biggest city around that everybody knows. As I said, Frankfurt is kind of the biggest city around and it even has its own skyline. Therefor, I’m already impressed if I go there and see the skyline which is small compared to the Seattle skyline. I’m used getting goosebumps driving towards downtown, driving towards this impressive skyline!


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