What a day!

It has been kind of relaxed today, as I put a lot of work on the blog, for which I can most likely work very independently. Besides, I did a little bit of research and browsed through several blogs online to see what they offer to their readers, how they design their blog and what exactly defines their writing style. Have you ever wondered what makes a good blog? It seems to be difficult catching the readers attention each day or each week, keeping them interested and curious. That’s why I put a lot of time and work into this blog. It doesn’t only defines through the texts but communicates through the pictures and the story it tells. That, in fact, makes it sometimes a little bit harder for me to connect my daily text with interesting and emotional communicating pictures. If the day has been full of office tasks or just some research and nothing too busy, it’s difficult to come up with appealing and interesting pictures. Except the aspect that the blog is supposed to give you an insight at Skacel and the daily business of a knitting company, as well as sharing my own personal experiences during this internship with you up to a certain degree. I always try to figure out how to generate the post personally and funny without publishing too much from my privacy. I really get decisive on which selfie I want to share with you or what I tell you about my adventures beyond work.


Before I started the blog, I did a lot of research to collect theoretical knowledge about writing a blog. Not only in marketing related bases, but also on PR and creative aspects. So each time a coworker passes the office and I am sitting there with my headphones on, I’m actually doing some online learning to extend my knowledge about a certain topic.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and feel free to comment below 🙂

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