Makers’ Minute – Caribou Yarn by HiKoo®

Katie tells you about her favorite furry yarn, Caribou by HiKoo®! It’s great for baby items, toys, and anything else you want against the skin! Caribou Critter Kits AND blankets kits are available as well, see below!

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Makers’ Minute – Lavishea Lotion Bar

Katie introduces you to this brand new scent of Lavishea made just for Makers’ Mercantile! It’s called ‘Nuts About Chocolate’ and is sure to be your new favorite scent!

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Hi, I’m Katie and this is your Makers’ Minute! Today we talk about the knitters’ best friend, the Lavishea Lotion Bar.

This scent was made just for Makers’ Mercantile! It’s called Nuts About Chocolate. For any of you who have been lucky enough to visit our brick and mortar store, you know that we also have an amazing in-house gluten-free bakery called Rylie Cakes.

The reason we partnered with Lavishea is because they have an amazing track record, especially with crafters. The reason Lavishea has become such a popular lotion bar among knitters and crocheters is because after you use it there’s no leftover greasy residue and you can go right back to crafting.

Now you can bring a little piece of Makers’ Mercantile and Rylie Cakes along with you anywhere you go. Go ahead and shop for our exclusive scent of this Lavishea lotion bar right now at

Makers’ Minute – Addi Quick Kits

Katie introduces you to the awesome addiQuick felting tool and the two different options of wool roving to go with it in this great kit!

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Hi, I’m Katie, and this is your Makers’ Minute! Today we’re going to talk real quick about Addi Quick kits. For those of you who have somehow never heard about the Addi Quick prepare to have your mind blown. Step 1- plug it in. Step 2- holding it like a pen, all you need is one finger to turn the power button on.

With the Addi Quick, you’ll find that needle felting becomes more like painting because you don’t even have to take it off of the fabric. Or something more like a portrait of your favorite hound dog. Is your little one a little humdrum about their boring denim jacket? Wool dazzle it! Hashtag wool dazzle.

These boards allow you to lay your piece directly on top and felt directly into the board. It comes off easily and it doesn’t pull apart on the other side. Those boards can also be purchased at Makers’ Mercantile.

What currently comes in the Addi Quick Kit? Let me show you! You, of course, get an Addi Quick, but you also get your choice of either a pack of neutral or rainbow colored felter’s wool. Ten colors of rainbow or ten mellow neutrals. No matter which one you choose to get in your kit, you still have the option of purchasing the other one on top of it. Although these are the colors we’re currently offering in the kit they are bound to change at some point. Don’t wait! Pick up your Addi Quick kit today at

Makers’ Minute – Fix A Stitch Tool

Hello Makers! In this video we learn about the Fix-A-Stitch tool! It’s the perfect size to carry in your notions bag and will become the tool you won’t be able to leave the house without having!

For the video on repairing garter stitch with this tool, click below:

To purchase the Fix-A-Stitch 3-pack, click here.

To purchase the Fix-A-Stitch 2-pack lace set, click here.

Makers’ Minute – Strauch Jumbo Ball Winder


This Jumbo sized ball winder from the Strauch Fiber Equipment Co. is the BEST ball winder on the market. It’s super sturdy, made in the US, and contains no plastic parts with exception of the band, which lasts for years – and if the band wears out we sell an inexpensive replacement band.

The Strauch Jumbo Ball Winder is made proudly in the US, so you can trust the quality of this product.

So, whether you’re rolling a giant skein, many skeins into one giant ball, or your own magic ball, this ball winder will be your go to for years to come.

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Hi, I’m Katie, and this is your Makers’ Minute. Today we are talking about the Strauch Fiber Equipment Company Jumbo Ball Winder. Proudly made in the USA!

The Strauch Ball Winder has a really big advantage, mainly because it comes in this jumbo size. So for yarns that come in a very large put up, such as HiKoo Zumie which has 200 grams per bulky hank, this will actually accommodate the entire hank with no problems. Woah! That’s a big cake! Let’s say you’re a person that travels a lot, or you don’t really like winding balls and you tend to go through them very quickly. Why not just wind them together all at once?

As we said before, this product is made in the US, and it’s also extremely sturdy because it’s made of wood. No plastic! Over the years the only part that could possibly need a replacement is the drive band and replacement parts for those are inexpensive and easily available.

And there you have it! Four total balls of SimpliNatural yarn and it’s still a perfect center-pull ball. To knit from for your entire lifetime. So really this is a great winder to wind any yarn from. Whether you’re making your own magic balls, rolling up a big skein of Rub-A-Dub, or putting your entire sweater’s quantity of yarn into one giant cake. Because who doesn’t want a big piece of cake? Get your Jumbo Ball Winder right now at

Makers’ Minute – Neko Double Pointed Needles

These Neko Double Pointed Knitting Needles will blow your mind! Learn why these ground breaking DPNs are the perfect match for all your small circumference knitting in the round needs!

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Welcome to the new Wednesday home of Your Maker’s Minute. As always, I’m Katie, and today we’re going to be talking about these super cool Neko thumb-pointed needles. They’re bent?

Unlike traditional double-pointed needle where it’s usually a set of five, small, straight needles, this is a set of three, longer, curved needles.

Are you more of a visual person? Not to worry. The back of the packaging has all the needles in action to demonstrate just how to use them. These needles are great for anything you need to in the round that’s small circumference. So, hats, socks, sleeves, small cowls, perfect.

This actually makes a circle. So while four double-pointed needles, or even three double-pointed needles will make a circular fabric, this is actually entirely circular, causing less stress on the fabric over-all. It’s also really easy to keep track of which needle you need to knit off of, because there’s only one needle where the yarn is knot. Now as we know, you always want to knit to where the yarn is knot. Neko, the name of the company, is actually a Japanese word for cat. Thanks college!

These needles are in a large range of sizes; from small for socks, and large for bulky hats and cowls, and even extra-long, just for those projects that call for a few extra stitches.

You can find the entire selection of these Neko needles right now at


Makers’ Minute – Dye Kits by Botanical Colors

Katie talks about the amazing dye kits from Botanical Colors, a Seattle based company! This dye is great for yarn, fabric and more! They’re all natural and come in a range of kit options, and are the perfect way to dip your toes into the world of dyeing!

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Hi, I’m Katie with Your Makers’ Minute and this week we’re talking about our own natural dye kits and classes that we have to support your learning experience. This natural dye extract kit by Botanical Colors is a really great way to introduce yourself to dyeing. This will dye approximately 3 to 4 pounds of fabric, so you’ll have lots of practice. Open up the kit and you’ll find powders to make:

  • Rich purple logwood
  • Lac
  • Cutch

And bottles of liquid dye like:

  • Saxon blue (it’s in the indigo family)
  • Fustic. Fustic is used to make the khaki uniforms of all of our favorite military people (at ease soldier)

You’ll also find a packet of aluminum sulphate and cream of tartar. But the best thing is this very helpful sheet of paper. The front side tells you all about fiber preparation. The backside gives you approximations on how to mix colors which you might want. If taking on this challenge by yourself seems a little overwhelming, not to worry.


Our very own Rhonda teaches a class on this very kit. To find when this class may next be offered, go to and search for hand-painting fabric class with Rhonda. If you need help finding one of our dye kits for signing up for one of our classes, feel free to call this number below and one of our Makers’ Mercantile employees will be happy to help. Thanks for joining me on this Makers’ Minute and I’ll see you next time.